Eufy Floodlight Camera E340 vs S330 Review

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Having been an avid user of the Eufy Security Floodlight Cam 2 Pro (now known as the Eufy Floodlight Camera S330), the announcement of the Eufy Floodlight Camera E340 piqued my interest. The E340 presents a dual-lens system, featuring a 3K wide-angle lens offering a 130° view, coupled with a 2K telephoto lens with 3× zoom. This dual-lens setup promises a blend of broad surveillance coupled with detailed zoomed-in visuals, akin to the concept behind Reolink Trackmix.


The E340 boasts a myriad of features including 360° pan capability, continuous 24/7 recording, and dual cameras that facilitate up to 8× digital zoom. Enhanced connectivity is ensured through Dual-Band Wi-Fi 6 support, and the device offers a robust 2,000-lumen peak brightness with adjustable settings. For storage, it can handle up to 128GB via a microSD or up to 16TB when linked to HomeBase S380.


Price-wise, the newer E340 is priced at £220, cheaper than the S330’s RRP of £279, despite boasting superior features in many aspects. The E340 advances with dual cameras with improved resolution, on-device detection of humans, vehicles, and pets, compatibility with HomeBase S380 right out of the box, and an option for 24/7 recording. The transition to Wi-Fi 6 with support for the 5GHz band is a notable upgrade over the S330’s Wi-Fi 5 and 2.4GHz only connectivity. However, the S330 still shines with its three 3000-lumen floodlight panels and adjustable light temperature, features absent in the E340.


The design overhaul in the E340 is significant but not definitively better. While the S330 showed wear after extended use, the E340 claims scratch-proof lenses and a redesigned mounting mechanism to combat weathering issues faced by its predecessor. Despite losing a floodlight panel, the E340 now houses a dual-lens camera, adding to its surveillance capabilities.

Setup & Connectivity: Setup before mounting is advisable. Initially, during beta testing, the E340 had issues connecting to HomeBase S380, but this was rectified later. The inclusion of 5GHz band and Wi-Fi 6 significantly enhanced connection speed and notification responsiveness.

Third-Party Integration

Integration with platforms other than Google and Amazon is lacking, which is a disappointment. The absence of RTSP feeds, which was present in earlier models, is a step back.


Installation is straightforward, albeit a bit challenging with the E340 due to a different mounting mechanism. However, with some patience, the installation process is manageable even for those less proficient in DIY tasks.


Two options are available: microSD or connection to HomeBase. The latter, with its potential for superior AI detection and enormous storage capacity, is a preferable choice for those seeking advanced functionality.

Motion Detection & Auto Tracking

The AI-driven human detection, paired with auto-tracking and the telephoto lens, ensures capturing detailed footage of intruders. However, false positives, like identifying hanging laundry as a human, remain an issue.

Auto Cruise/Patrolling

The patrolling feature is beneficial for larger properties, although it can be intrusive if it captures activities in neighbouring properties.

Footage Quality

Daytime footage is crisp with excellent quality for a Wi-Fi camera, while the nighttime footage, aided by the spotlight, provides a decent quality with the advantage of colour recording.

Sample Video

Eufy Floodlight Camera E340 Review Video Sample Night Recording 360 round look:

Eufy Floodlight Camera E340 Review Video Sample Day Time AI Human Detection:


In summary, the Eufy Floodlight Camera E340 emerges as a worthy successor to the S330 with its dual-lens system, improved connectivity, and enhanced surveillance features. However, certain design alterations and limited third-party integrations might give pause to some users. The E340 is a blend of innovation and functionality, catering to individuals seeking a robust surveillance system with the promise of detailed and continuous monitoring.



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